Laura Furmanova was born in Rostov-on-the-Don on a quiet winter evening. She loved listening to lullabies and other songs and started singing as a little child. When Laura turned eleven, she joined the children’s choir in one of the so-called “Palaces of Culture”. Laura’s talent and her love for music soon made her the choir’s best soloist.

In upper school she sang in a school band – in a „vocal-musical ensemble“, as the Soviet lingo put it. She knew that she wanted to be a singer, and so she decided to study music. This was not easy as she did not have a music school diploma. But following her dream, she managed to catch up with those who did in only half a year: theory, sol-fa (ear training), piano – she did it all. In 1994 Laura became a student of the Rostov Arts Academy. After receiving a degree in choir conducting, she moved to Germany where she went on studying music.

In Berlin, she enjoyed intensive voice training and became what she always wanted to be – a professional singer, mastering her voice as well as any international star. In 2003 and 2004 she was a special guest of the children’s music competition „Berliner Perle“ in Berlin; in 2004 she became the laureate of the popular Hamburg competition „Pop&Rock“. In 2005 she was placed first in the international musical competition for young singers “The World Meets in Europe” in Prague. In 2006, she became a laureate of the popular musical competition “New Wave”.

Recently, Laura started cooperating with several bands and musicians, e.g.: “Georg Jackson Show Band”, “Gala Band Sculer”, “The Voices”, “Let’s Dance”. The gifted young singer, composer and producer Brandon Stone is a close associate. Laura’s concert tours took her all over the World, Western and Eastern Europe: in Zurich, Nice, Monte Carlo, Milan, Paris, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt / Main, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Dubai. She sang at the following locations and events:

State Kremlin Palace Moscow
Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin
Hotel Adlon Berlin
Hotel Intercontinental Berlin
Hotel Burj Al Arab Dubai
The Ritz Carlton Berlin
Restaurant beetles in the Reichstag in Berlin
Grand Hyatt Berlin
Grand Hotel Esplanade Berlin
MS Esplanade
Opera Palace Berlin
Maritim Hotel Berlin
AIDS gala at the German Opera Berlin
Mercedes Autohaus Berlin
Schering AG
Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Russian Embassy in Berlin
Yacht Club Monaco
Hotel du Paris Monaco
The Ritz Carlton Cannes
Hilton Hotel Moscow
Berlin Marriott Hotel
Ball Island Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg
German Franchise Association – Maritim Hotel Berlin
Gala for the 100th anniversary of the DRV in Gurzenich
Babelsberg Film Park Caligari Hall
Sports Ball – silk weaver’s house in Krefeld
IHK Cottbus Hotel Radisson SAS Ball
Media Markt
Versatel Berlin Olympic Stadium
Ball State Press Saxony Anhalt
Steigenberger Hotel Dresden
Gala events and jubilee of the Berlin Water Works
Lawyer’s Ball at the “Palais on the radio tower” in Berlin
German Lufthansa AG
Daimler Benz AG
Siemens AG
Herlitz AG
Gala event at the Berlin Allianz Insurance
Bahlsen Ltd
Coca Cola – Berlin,

alongside such popular performers as Jennifer Lopez, David Guetta, Gipsy Kings, Alabina, Craig David, Thomas Anders („Modern Talking“), „Weather Girls“, „Kool and the Gang“, Grigorij Leps, Valeri Meladze, Larisa Dolina, Filipp Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Soso Pavliashvili, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Taisia Povaliy, Leonid Agutin, Angelika Varum.

Today, Laura Furmanova is a successful singer. She is constantly working on extending her repertoire and her musical network and is full of plans and ideas.

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