New album “I love you more…” Soon on CD, iTunes and Google Play

Dear friends, with my greatest joy I would like to bring my new album “I love you more…” to your attention.

This album is significant for me. This work is an artistic experiment where I do not abide by any specific style. The album contains compositions which have different moods and feelings and I wanted to perform all of them – be it “Shake it baby”, which I liked instantly, or “The greatest love”, which made me feel eternal emotions and immense vibes.
In this album, all songs are about love and all the multifaceted appearances of this phenomenon. While working on this album, I tried to put my worldview and attitude towards certain situations into each and every song. There are tracks full of tragedy, but also some which stimulate and spread hope. I hope that after listening to my album “I love you more…” everyone will be able to continue the phrase “I love you more…” in his very own way.
14 touching and lyrical stories, full of love, romanticism, dreams, disappointment and hope… Every song is a stirring episode of life, painted with a bright palette of emotional feelings. Every note, every word states that our lives should have something indeed sublime and endless.

The International Transport Award “The Golden Chariot”

Moscow’s Kremlin
On September the 12th, 2011, a victory ceremony for the laureates of the International Transport Award “The Golden Chariot” was held in Moscow’s Kremlin. The prize has been awarded for the seventh time, but it is only this year that it became international: for the first time, not only Russian companies, but transportation experts around the world were awarded the prize. As usual, the ceremony was opened by Valery Yazev, president of the Russian Gas Society and Vice President of the State Duma, and Sergei Aristov, Deputy Transport Minister and vice-chairman of the competition. The best Russian and foreign transport companies were congratulated by celebrities, e.g. well-known politicians, including transport ministers and ambassadors of different countries, along with representatives of Russian and international transport associations and organisations.
International stars took part in the concert to follow. Among them was Baron Misuraka (U.S.), Gabriella (Brazil), Vlad Zernitsky (Israel), Rene, Grizzly and the Mark Twain band (Russia), as well as our old friend and regular guest Brandon Stone from Germany, accompanied by with a very young singer of the “New Wave”, Sonja Lapshakowa, and the excellent vocal artist Laura Furmanowa. The glamorous band “Planet Broadway” provided a grand musical finale. The victory ceremony for the laureates of the International Transport Award “The Golden Chariot” was chaired by the film and theater actors, Alexander Belov and Sofia Kashtanova.

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