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Repertoire Laura Furmanova

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a href="">Runnin'</a> <
a href="">Dance-Monkey</a> <
a href="">Moon-River;/a> <
a href="">Set Fire to The Rain</a> <
a href="">Ulybajsa;/a> <
a href="">All of me</a> <
a href="">Diamonds</a> <
a href="">Autmn leaves</a> <
a href="">We’ve Got Tonight - Laura Furmanova & Igor Kuba </a><
a href="">House of rising sun</a> <
a href="">I'm alive</a> <
a href="">Ave Maria</a> <
a href="">All by myself</a> <
a href="">Bessame mucho</a> <
a href=" parole@Laura_-_Parole.mp3">Parole parole</a> <
a href="">Hava Nagila</a> <
a href="">Heidi</a> <
a href="">Lubov nastala</a> <
a href="">Unforgettable - Laura Furmanova & Igor Kuba</a> <<
a href="">Amadeo - Laura Furmanova & Igor Kuba</a> <
a href="">Black velvet</a> <
a href="">Time to say goodbye</a><
a href="">Halleluja</a><
a href="">Conga</a><
a href="">Could you be loved</a><
a href="">Adagio</a><
a href="">Umka</a><
a href="">Der Fluss Volga</a><
a href="">Das Sönnchen</a><
a href="">Zocha</a><
a href="">Venus</a><
a href="">I Will Survive</a><
a href="">Voyage voyage</a><
a href="">Summer Wine - Laura Furmanova(Germany) & Baron Misuraca(USA)</a><

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  1. I just stumbled upon your website and I’m just thrilled. What a voice! I wish you all the best, sincerely.

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