Sound Recording Studio “Slava Records”

Recording Studio “Slava Records” 
It is located in the district Berlin – Grunewald


- vocals and music, 
- albums, 
- live instruments, 
- music gifts, 
- audio books, 
- favorite songs, 
• video dubbing, 
• making advertising spots. 
● Master audio records. 
● Vocal lessons with a professional teacher and preparation for writing, couching.

Recording Studio “Slava Records” is a professional production studio that is equipped with the latest software and audio equipment: Brauner, Neumann, Yamaha, RME Fireface UCX, Avalon Preamplifier Pure Class A, UAD-2 Universal AUDIO, Dynacord, Beyerdynamic, C-que 8 Headphone AM The process of intelligence is led by an experienced sound producer.

Quality microphones will make your voice even more attractive, and our own unique developments in the field of working with sound will make the sound of your tracks voluminous and unforgettable! Modern equipment in conjunction with the vocal education, experience, creative ideas of the vocal producer and competent work with the performer during the recording will give your project more than you expect. We guarantee high quality and individual approach to each client.

Tel: +49 (176) 101-97-471 

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