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New album “I love you more…” Soon on CD, iTunes and Google Play

Dear friends, with my greatest joy I would like to bring my new album “I love you more…” to your attention.

This album is significant for me. This work is an artistic experiment where I do not abide by any specific style. The album contains compositions which have different moods and feelings and I wanted to perform all of them – be it “Shake it baby”, which I liked instantly, or “The greatest love”, which made me feel eternal emotions and immense vibes.
In this album, all songs are about love and all the multifaceted appearances of this phenomenon. While working on this album, I tried to put my worldview and attitude towards certain situations into each and every song. There are tracks full of tragedy, but also some which stimulate and spread hope. I hope that after listening to my album “I love you more…” everyone will be able to continue the phrase “I love you more…” in his very own way.
14 touching and lyrical stories, full of love, romanticism, dreams, disappointment and hope… Every song is a stirring episode of life, painted with a bright palette of emotional feelings. Every note, every word states that our lives should have something indeed sublime and endless.